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Welcome to immisportswear.com – a uniquely designed and manufactured sportswear product.
Engineered with athlete’s input to create the ultimate workout apparel

My name is Samantha Redfern and I have had a longstanding career in the mass production clothing industry spanning 34 years. I have knowledge of the fashion industry from 1st concept sketches through to transportation of fashion garments and delivering into stores direct. I was fortunate to gain my experience from some of the most highly skilled designers and technologists at Marks & Spencer PLC, based In the UK at the start of my career

I now use this uniquely, extensive experience and that of the highly skilled team at Noorain Resources, parent company of immi Sportswear (please read their website link) to create the ultimate in specialized, quality work out apparel for both men and women. This partnership is proving to be very strong globally. I first met Syed Bokhari, CEO of Noorain, when I first moved to the USA from the UK. I respect his leadership, quality procedures, speed of deliveries and extensive knowledge of the mass production clothing industry. Syed did not hesitate to offer his company’s resources at the first meeting we had about developing these quality products. Syed trusted my judgment of the sportswear markets here in the USA and immi Sportswear was born. Syed, himself a creative designer for high profile licenses in Europe, is focused on supporting immi Sportswear and ensuring its success in the Sportswear market throughout the World. Having an extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and listening to the needs of athletes when doing their sporting events, we have found success while designing, developing and engineering our products.

Our sizes range from 3xs to 3xl without discriminating the larger sizes by price. We use top quality spandex for our products, ensuring that all our products are fit for purpose, robust, breathable and stylish at the same time. All our print designs are unique and fun. We have created co ordinating print and plain dyed pieces to help complete your look at our one stop shop. We listened to the difficulties of finding co ordinating pieces for some printed fabrics, so we developed our own. The name “immi” meaning “I’m me”. You now have the freedom and fun to create your own unique look to express your personality while you work out. Show off those curves and hours of working out at the gym in this New and exciting Brand of sportswear apparel.

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